Covid-19 Scams: What You Need to Know Now

Covid-19 has reached nearly every continent on Earth. While doctors and researchers scramble to research the novel virus, others are attempting to profit off the pandemic and the current lack of a cure. Are you wondering what types of scams and schemes you need to be aware of? Even worse, were you injured by a […]

Elements of a Medical Malpractice Claim and Common Types

The last time you were ill or got hurt, you probably turned to Google to try to figure out what was wrong. While searching the web, you likely realized that your symptoms and signs could point to dozens of different conditions and injuries. How can you determine which cause matches your situation? This effort gives […]

Did Negligent Security Contribute to my Assault?

Have you ever felt that tingly sensation that makes the hairs on your neck stand up straight? Have you ever experienced the feeling that you’re being watched? Sadly, if you experience these types of feelings while you’re out in the public and alone, then you could be in serious danger. Getting attacked, robbed or mugged […]

Apple Employee Dies While Playing Game and Driving a Tesla

Walter Huang, an employee for Apple and a father of two children, passed away on March 23, 2018 while on Highway 101 in California. He was involved in a collision while operating a Tesla on a stretch of the highway that connects to Highway 85. New information provided by the National Transportation Safety Board shows […]

New Ban Keeps Employers From Requesting Salary History in Philadelphia

The city of Philadelphia has recently released a new ban that would prevent potential employers from requesting the salary history of someone who is applying for a position with those employers. In the past, potential employers could ask job applicants to provide details of their salary history to get an idea of what they were […]