Hospitals Aren’t Doing Enough to Protect Mothers

Bringing life into the world is supposed to be a joyous and miraculous occasion. One where friends, family and loved ones can come together and celebrate new life. And while many have the good fortune to experience just that, there are thousands of women that suffer life-altering injuries or death during childbirth. It has come […]

Dry Drowning Explained

With the weather warming up and summer just around the corner, many families are opening the pool or planning trips to the ocean, lake, or local waterpark. There is nothing better than going for a swim and soaking up the sun with your kids. But as a parent, you know that a great summer day […]

Scaffolding Collapses Can Be Deadly

It is no secret that to be a construction worker is a dangerous occupation. Even though only four percent of total employment in the United States is made up by the construction industry, they unbelievably account for 21 percent of worker deaths. The U.S. Department of Labor narrowed those fatalities down to four causes, with […]

Man’s Estate Wins Multi-Million Dollar Malpractice Suit

Learning that a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer is a difficult thing for anyone to endure. Watching them fall ill and ultimately pass away seems like the worst it could get. Unfortunately, there are situations that can make it even worse. A recent settlement from a medical malpractice suit highlights such a situation. […]

PA Supreme Court Decision Limits Peer Review Privilege

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court recently passed a 4-3 decision that limits the scope of Pennsylvania’s Peer Review Protection Act (PRPA). The high court maintained that in order to qualify as a peer review and be eligible for protection, the body on whose behalf the review is being conducted is required to be a professional health […]