Apple Employee Dies While Playing Game and Driving a Tesla

Walter Huang, an employee for Apple and a father of two children, passed away on March 23, 2018 while on Highway 101 in California. He was involved in a collision while operating a Tesla on a stretch of the highway that connects to Highway 85. New information provided by the National Transportation Safety Board shows […]

New Ban Keeps Employers From Requesting Salary History in Philadelphia

The city of Philadelphia has recently released a new ban that would prevent potential employers from requesting the salary history of someone who is applying for a position with those employers. In the past, potential employers could ask job applicants to provide details of their salary history to get an idea of what they were […]

Errors During Surgery: FAQ

Can you imagine your surgeon walking into the room reeking of alcohol? What if your doctor’s recklessness caused them to amputate the wrong limb? While these scenarios are rare, they have happened. When you visit the doctor’s office or a hospital, you expect medical professionals to treat you with the best care that they can. […]

Should You Let Facebook Save Images of Your Face?

Facebook is used by billions of people across the globe and many of those users upload dozens of photos of themselves every single day. This makes Facebook the world’s leading database of photos of faces from all over the world. Facebook has begun rolling out facial recognition software in Europe after the idea was originally […]

Workplace Injuries FAQ

The average American spends the majority of their days at work. As you can imagine, that means a lot of accidents and injuries occur in the workplace. Below, we’ll answer some of the most common questions about workplace accidents and injuries. I Was Injured at Work, What Should I Do? If you got hurt at […]