Barring Informed Consent in PA Medical Malpractice Cases

Today, The Legal Intelligencer published, “Pa. Justices Urged to Bar Informed Consent in Med Mal Cases.” When a patient agrees to undergo a medical procedure, it is a standard practice for the doctor or medical professional to discuss any risks with the patient and/or have the patient sign a consent form. Informed consent describes this practice […]

Penn State Student Victim of Lab Explosion

A Penn State University student suffered burns from a small explosion that occurred in a campus laboratory on Wednesday evening. The Associated Press reported that the student was doing a tissue culture in the Agricultural and Biological Engineering Building around 5:30pm last night, October 15th. A tissue culture is a method of biological research that […]

“Decision Fatigue” Leading to Possible Misdiagnosis, Medical Errors

Monday, October 6th, a study was published in JAMA Internal Medicine which examined a doctor’s likelihood to prescribe unnecessary antibiotics based on time of day. The researchers recalled past studies which analyzed the decision making of judges, suggesting that they are more inclined to deny parole later in the day. The goal of this particular […]

5-Year-Old Car Accident Settled in Pennsylvania Court

On June 11, 2009, a woman suffered critical injuries in a motor vehicle crash that occurred in a construction zone on Route 51 in a Pittsburgh suburb. The now 56-year-old woman was comatose for five weeks following the car accident. She also endures residual effects from her injuries, including requiring a walker and severe lapses […]

Criminal Charges Filed After Fatal Roadside Crash in PA

A 41-year-old Pennsylvania man is facing six criminal charges, including homicide by vehicle, in connection with a May 13 car accident that killed a Bethlehem Township man. Authorities believe that the Allentown man was under the influence of opiates at the time of the crash. According to Pennsylvania State Police, the victim had parked his […]