What is a Wrongful Death Claim?

Losing a loved one for any reason is a tragic experience for family and friends alike. When we lose someone, we want to understand why it happened. Sometimes it was just that person’s time or a freak accident occurs that couldn’t be avoided. Sometimes someone was very sick or someone decides to even take their […]

Dos and Don’ts after a Car Accident

Car accidents can be very scary and stressful to find yourself in. Due to the intense speeds and weights of vehicles, injuries are also very common. Getting into an accident and getting injured to boot gets your adrenaline running and your mind racing. It is good to be aware of the dos and don’ts after […]

What Is Considered A Catastrophic Injury For The Purposes Of A Personal Injury Claim?

Whenever personal injuries occur, they can be stressful to the victim and the victim’s family. However, when a person suffers a catastrophic injury, this stress is oftentimes compounded by the constant accrual of crippling medical bills throughout the duration of the person’s lifetime as well as the loss of life and livelihood the person experiences […]

Birth Injuries And Liability

For the average woman, undergoing childbirth is a rewarding experience. However, it is a well-known fact that bearing a child can be a particularly painful process. Generally, the pain experienced during childbirth subsides shortly after the birth of the child. Nevertheless, for those new mothers who bear a child that suffers an injury at birth, […]

How Often are Checks for Workers’ Compensation in Philadelphia Sent?

Workers’ compensation is an important benefit offered by employers all over Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey. If you work for a company that meets the requirements to offer workers’ compensation you will be covered should you suffer a workplace injury or illness related to your employment. Employers are required to provide you with a form […]