Can You Sue for Medical Malpractice Years After Treatment?

The statute of limitations requires any civil court case, including a medical malpractice lawsuit, to be filed within a predetermined amount of time set by the state in which the case will take place. Some states vary slightly in the time limit set by their specific statute of limitations. The time allowed to file a […]

What Damages Are Available in a Wrongful Death Case?

It can be an extremely impactful experience anytime a family member or loved one passes away. This impact can be both emotional and financial. This is because after-death expenses can rack up a hefty bill. One way to potentially offset some of the financial costs may be to file a wrongful death claim. Individual state […]

Girl Awarded $135M in Malpractice Suit

It is a big deal when a doctor makes a mistake. You put your trust in their knowledge and expect to have your condition improve or be cured, but a doctor’s mistake can do the exact opposite. It may leave you receiving incorrect treatment while your condition worsens. Or a surgical error can leave you […]

Hospitals Aren’t Doing Enough to Protect Mothers

Bringing life into the world is supposed to be a joyous and miraculous occasion. One where friends, family and loved ones can come together and celebrate new life. And while many have the good fortune to experience just that, there are thousands of women that suffer life-altering injuries or death during childbirth. It has come […]

Joseph Marrone Reflects on the Importance of Mentoring and Philanthropy

The importance of mentoring and philanthropy take a front seat this week as we mark the kick off to Fashion Touchdown 2018 with an announcement party set for July 19 at the Independence Visitor Center from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm EDT. Special guests Rodney McLeod, Jordan Hicks, and Chris Maragos from the Super Bowl-winning […]