Noteworthy Verdicts and Settlements – Marrone Law Firm, LLC


Record Settlement in 2013 Fatal Philadelphia Salvation Army Thrift Store Collapse. Largest personal injury settlement in Pennsylvania history.


Man was admitted to local hospital for an elective heart procedure which required intubation. Following this procedure, medical staff performed an untimely extubation, resulting in severe damage to the Plaintiff’s neurological function and leaving him permanently incapacitated.


Pregnant woman dies as result of hospital’s malpractice for the failure to treat symptoms of preeclampsia.

$3.8 AND $3.1 MILLION

Of the 19 deceased and injured plaintiffs, Marrone Law Firm, LLC represented two individuals who were injured and survived when a four-story building being demolished collapsed onto the adjacent Salvation Army Thrift Store at 22nd Street & Market Street in Philadelphia, resulting in what is believed to be the largest personal injury settlement in Pennsylvania history. After a six-month jury trial, the settlement proceeds were allocated to the plaintiffs through an arbitration process. Both of our clients survived the collapsed rubble and struggled to put their lives together again. Our clients received $3.8 and $3.1 million, respectively, as a small measure of justice and as a deterrent to those who would negligently put innocent people at risk.


Young woman died when doctors and hospitals, knowing the severity of the patient’s condition, refused to treat the patient because she lacked a referral. The failure to treat the patient ultimately caused her death.


New Jersey State Trooper killed in an auto accident while on duty.


Motorcycle accident resulting in head trauma.


Death of a child due to hospital’s medical malpractice for the failure to maintain proper records and the improper placement of a PICC line.


Civil Rights Case against Atlantic City police officer. Officer found liable for excessive force.


Marrone Law Firm, LLC secured a $1.1 Million Dollar Settlement for our 29-year-old client who was viciously assaulted outside of a New Jersey bar, sustaining serious injuries. Our client suffered an unprovoked assault by multiple individuals who had been drinking heavily inside the bar. We successfully proved that these individuals were intoxicated, and that the bar’s employees continued to serve them liquor when they were “visibly intoxicated,” a violation of New Jersey’s Dram Shop law. As a result of the settlement we obtained, our client was able to rebuild his life and the bar establishment changed its policies and procedures to prevent violations of the Dram Shop law.


Rear-end motor vehicle accident causing injuries to the passenger’s neck, shoulder, and knees. The Plaintiff underwent three surgeries, needed years of pain management treatment, and was unable to return to work.


Motorcycle accident resulting in head trauma and mild traumatic brain injury.


Boy electrocuted in swimming pool due to an improperly grounded electrical connection, suffering nerve damage as a result.


Woman was visiting a sporting facility when the bleachers suddenly and without warning became unstable and fell on top of her. The Plaintiff suffered permanent injuries and aggravated preexisting Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD), also referred to as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS).


Customer of bar viciously beaten by drunken patrons who were served after becoming intoxicated.