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PA Personal Injury Attorneys Help Car Crash Victims Get Financial Compensation for Accident-Related Injuries in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York

Car accidents caused by negligent motorists are commonplace in Pennsylvania, especially in congested cities like Philadelphia. People sometimes forget that they are driving in what is basically a heavy metal container going fast enough to smash through a brick building. We get comfortable with our driving ability and feel invincible, thinking we are a special case and won’t get hurt. But the sad truth is that in 2017, nearly 1,300 people died in car accidents in Pennsylvania, and no one is completely safe when they are behind the wheel or riding in a car as a passenger. If you were hurt in a Pennsylvania car accident or lost a loved one that way, contact the lawyers at the Marrone Law Firm, LLC. We can help you get the compensation you need to recuperate and move on after a serious car crash or other type of motor vehicle accident in Philadelphia or anywhere else in PA.

The Most Common Causes of Car Accidents in Philadelphia, PA

There are many factors that result in car accidents. However, certain factors are seen more often by our Philadelphia law firm professionals. These include:

  • Distracted Driving: Modern technology in general, and the smartphone in particular, has been the major culprit behind Pennsylvania car accidents in recent years. The ease of texting, internet browsing, email checking, looking at maps, etc. has people constantly looking away from the one place they should always be looking while driving: the road.
  • Traffic Law Violations: Traffic violations are an especially serious issue in Philadelphia, where heavy traffic and minimal lanes cause drivers to become impatient and more willing to blow through red lights and make illegal turns.
  • Driver Impairment: The most common motorist impairments in Pennsylvania are fatigue, being drunk, or being high on marijuana.
  • Vehicle Manufacturer Defects: Issues with brakes, tires, and steering wheels have caused many accidents on roads and highways in Philadelphia.
  • Road Design, Construction, and Maintenance: Philadelphia, being a major city, constantly has construction going on and limited space for drivers and pedestrians alike to travel to their next destination. This road congestion makes things crazy and complicated, even more so when construction detours are up.

The Most Common Catastrophic Injuries Suffered in a Pennsylvania Car Crash

Most people will suffer some sort of injury after a car accident. It is only natural when riding inside a speeding metal box that stops suddenly: some part of you is going to feel the force of that or knock against something inside the car. Many people get lucky, but most accidents involve someone in the car getting injured in some way. The most common serious injuries we see in Pennsylvania car accident cases include:

  • Head and Back Injuries
  • Neck and Chest Injuries
  • Burns
  • Lacerations
  • Broken Bones

Car Accidents and Fatalities in Pennsylvania and the Philadelphia Area

A decade ago, most car accidents happened due to common factors such as traffic violations, sudden dangerous turns, speeding, etc. With the boom in technology, however, many more people are dying and getting seriously injured on the road due to distracted driving such as looking down at phones to text or read a work email. In fact, some studies show that car accident fatalities have gone up by as much as 23% from a decade ago. According to PENNDOT, “In 2015, there were 127,127 reportable traffic crashes in Pennsylvania, claiming the lives of 1,200 people.” Although 2017 saw the lowest number of reported car accident-related deaths in the past decade, the overall average is still going up, and three (3) people per day are dying in car accidents in PA.

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Car accidents are continually on the rise in Philadelphia and all over Pennsylvania. Car insurance companies will do everything they can to not have to pay out for your suffering. If you were in a car accident and not at fault, let the Marrone Law Firm, LLC step in and help you fight your legal battle. We will gather the evidence, get the police report, and negotiate with the other person’s insurance company to get you the coverage you need for your suffering and financial loss from medical bills, job loss, therapy, and more. Contact us online or call our Philadelphia office today at 215-709-7360 to speak to one of our professional personal injury lawyers who handle claims involving serious injuries sustained in PA car accidents.